About us

Welcome to Multi-Flasking. The world's leader in sneaky flasks.

Our mission: To create the most unique and realistic looking hidden flasks / secret flasks to help all our drinking mates beat the system and save money. 

Multi-Flasking was set up for the sole purpose of providing EVERYONE with the highest-quality hidden flasks at the lowest possible prices. We have a full range of hidden flasks that we are always expanding. Our disguised flasks are so realistic you may have to take a second look yourself. No detail is overlooked when we are creating a new secret flask. Our flasks are by far the BEST you will find and we can say with confidence, a secret flask from Multi-Flasking will be the only hidden flask you need.

We work hard so you can take your favorite beverage anywhere stashed one of our hidden flasks / secret flasks. Our flask are perfect for sneaking a bit of booze into music festivals, sporting events, race day or just a night out on the town... just about anywhere (except airplanes) while saving your hard earned cash.

Check out all our secret flasks and start saving now.