Bev-Brush Secret Hairbrush Flask

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The Bev-Brush secret paddle brush flask is a REAL FULLY-FUNCTIONAL hairbrush that goes the extra step; it doesn't just make you look good, it makes your fell good too. It has a totally hidden flask inside that holds 6 oz. (185 ml which is 6 standard measures) of booze while looking EXACTLY like a real hairbrush. As a friend said, it is the flask that bouncers walk past.

If you've had enough paying exorbitant prices for weak drinks at your favorite night spot, help is on the way. The Bev-Brush brush flask. Make every night out BYOB! Pack a fully loaded Bev-Brush in your handbag and save a bomb every night. Like all our other great sneaky flasks, the Bev-Brush will pay for itself on it's first night out. 

We think the Bev-Brush flask is the best hidden flasks for women on sale anywhere. What other flask has a mirror on the back so you can see how drunk you are as you top up your drink? Only the Bev-Brush.

Each secret flask set comes with a funnel for easy filling.