Bev-Burry Phone Flask

$ 12.99

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The original Bev-Burry Phone Flask by Multi-Flasking is the perfect size to stuff in your pocket or drop in your bag. It looks just like a Blackberry from a few years ago. Much better than the crap stainless steel phone flask they sell.

The Bev-Burry liquor flasks hold approximately 3 oz. (100 ml which is three standard measures) of your favorite booze. Simply open the top of your hidden phone flask and pour some top-shelf liquor into your over-priced, weak drink you just paid entirely too much for. Stop the madness now.

Stop paying crazy prices for weak drinks made with cheap house booze. Take your own party anywhere with our Bev-Burry Secret Phone flask. This is our lowest price hidden flask, so maybe buy an extra one for you mate. They will love you for it.