Bev-Cam Secreat Camera Flask

$ 14.99

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After five years on the market, it is still the MOST REALISTIC-LOOKING camera flask available and one of our best sellers. This disguised flask looks just like a camera but it packs a flask not a flash inside it.

This hidden flask holds 5 oz. (145 ml which is 5 standard measures) of liquor. It is the perfect size to easily fit in your pocket, handbag or backpack.  And because it is so realistic looking, you can ever carry it by it's strap and strut straight past the evil doorman without him even giving you a second glance.

As we have said before, fight back, don't get ripped off by paying US$10.00 for weak drinks made with cheap and nasty house booze, bring your Bev-Cam Secret Camera Flask and make it a BYOB night. You should save enough to be able to go out both Friday and Saturday nights without draining the bank account. Buy your Bev-Cam now. You'll still have the same amount for fun but it will cost a fraction of the price.

Every stealth camera flask comes with a wrist strap and a funnel for easy filling.