Binocular Doule Flask

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We have the only updated/redesigned binocular flasks available. Most companies are still selling the same binocular flasks that were around 25 years ago. If you try to use them today, you are surely going to get busted unless you are over 60 years old. Then security might feel sorry for you and let you by anyway. But if you are in the younger generation you must have our redesigned sneaky flasks. We made sure they look extremely realist. We copied a modern set and even has a spray rubber coating applied to make them look perfect. There is no better binocular flask other there.

We have a few ideas how you can make the most of your binocular flasks. Since they hold 16 oz. (Almost 500 ml which is 2/3 of a bottle of wine) maybe you should top them up with your favorite cabernet sauvignon or sauvignon blanc and head out to the game, races or concert.  Then you won't have to wait in long lines for a drink and missing the action.

If you are not a wine fan, but a G & T man, we have a solution for you too. Fill one side of your binoculars double flask with Gin and the other side with tonic. Once you get to the event, all you need is a cup of ice or even just an empty cup. Mix your own drinks as required and enjoy.

Or if you think your favorite sports team is going to get slaughter, just fill both sides of your binocular flask up with straight booze (maybe half for you and the other side for your mate) and drink as much as you need to ease the pain of the "on field beating" your team is getting. Oh - this is where we have to say please drink responsibly. 

Our redesigned double-barreled binocular flasks hold a generous 16 oz. (480+ ml) portion of your favorite booze. Simply fill them up, walk discretely past the security check at any concert, game or show and when the lights dim or the game starts, enjoy a drink without having to leave your seat to make a beer run.

Each binoculars flask set comes with a neck strap and a funnel (you only need the funnel if you have shaky hands or your already drunk).