Rum Runner Cruise Kit (King Size)

$ 19.99

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Each Kit includes:
4 - 32 oz. flasks
2 - 16 oz. flasks
2 - 8 oz. flasks
1 - small funnel

Are you going on a cruise and don't want to pay the crazy cruise ship prices for your alcoholic drinks on board? Make this one a BYOB cruise and turn it into a booze cruise that won't break the bank. Check out our rum runner cruise flasks that will help you smuggle your own liquor on to the ship, hidden in your check in luggage.

Most cruise lines now X-ray your luggage when you board the ship, hoping to spoil your BYOB cruise and in turn make a small fortune selling you alcoholic drinks. The solution - rum runner cruise flasks hidden through out your luggage - in the corners or hidden inside your shoes will usually do the trick and get on board undetected.

Multi-Flasking's Rum Runner Cruise Flasks are:

- Non-metallic - undetectable by most metal detectors and x-ray machines
- Reusable - simply clean with soap and warm water
- Odor-proof and tasteless
- Durable - puncture-resistant, freezable and made with food-grade plastic
- Reliable - leak-proof with a tight, screw-on cap